Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a limit to how many referrals I can have?

No, there is no limit. You can refer as many people as you like!

How much can I earn from my referrals?

The current referral commission rate is set at 20%. Additionally there is a 5% commission for any purchases your referral makes.


Example 1:

Your referral completes an offer and earns $1 USD. Then you will earn $0.20 USD every time.

Example 2:

Your referral purchases PTC ads and spends $11 USD. Then you will earn $0.55 USD. Since our most expensive as of now costs $82.51 USD you can easily make $4.13 USD every time they purchase that package.

Do you have any account upgrades available?

We don't have any account upgrades available at this time.

When will I get paid?

Because our website is still very young we can't afford to do instant payments or even daily/weekly payments.

As of today the best we can do is process payments on a NET15 schedule. What this means is that the payday takes place every month on the 15th. It's also important to understand that on that date you will get paid for your last month's performance.


Here's an example:

Say you earn $15 during 1 - 31 of January.

You request a payment on the last day of the month (on the 31st).

Now you need to wait until the 15th of the next month (February the 15th)

During the day I will process all pending payments that were requested on the previous month.


NB! If you do not meet the minimum cashout by the end of any given month, the money will be paid out with the next payment schedule which will take place on the next 15th (March 15th in this example).

So if you earn $3 between 1 - 31 of January and $2 between 1 - 28 of February, you will get paid on March 15th.



To make things easier to track for everyone, I urge each member to withdraw their earnings on (or around) the last day of any given month. This way you only have to wait 15 days to receive your payment and it will be easier for me to process the payments as well.