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Not so fast! Who are you, what is CLIXToken and why would I want it?

These are all perfectly valid questions and if you asked these questions in your head, it shows me you are not gullible like most people. You value your time, you don't involve yourself with something you know nothing about and you know that you should not believe everything you read on the internet.

I really value these traits in my users and I hope to get to know many of you on a more personal level (if that's okay with you of course). That's because I believe strongly in working together as a team and I'm sick of site owners treating their users as if they were "virtual assets" that generate profit.

About me
Hello, my name is Frank and I am 31 years old. I'm a self-taught web developer and I enjoy making electronic music. As a hobby, I am currently working on a virtual reality horror game. It's really cool.

I also have a decade's worth of experience in working with Paid to Click websites and over the years I have come to realize that the whole Paid to Click industry is headed slowly towards its inevitable demise.

In a world where fiat currency is constantly losing value, where prices of products and services keep going up, where Artificial Intelligence threatens to replace most of the currently available jobs, GPT websites are still paying pennies to their users.

Clicking on ads used to be a great way to generate extra income 10 years ago, but it's not good enough any more!

Let's do the math together
We know that it's common to earn $0.001 for a 10 second advertisement. In other words we can say that 10 seconds of our time is worth $0.001. For simplicity let's say that we can view 6 ads in 1 minute. In reality it will be much less because we lose a significant amount of time closing popups etc (ugh). Not to mention all those flashing banners that keep distracting us!

So, when 1 minute of our time is worth $0.006 USD, it means that 1 hour of our time earns us $0.36. In other words the hourly payrate on an average PTC website is 36 cents per hour. And no, you can't watch ads on 10 different sites all at once because they need your browser tab focused on the one ad in order for the timer to run. This "feature" effectively limits your ability to view ads to a maximum of 6 ads per minute.

I can't say that for every country, but in Estonia a bottle of coke will net you €0.10 when you recycle it. (€0.20 - €0.40 in Finland) In a busy city you will find empty bottles everywhere. To put things into perspective, it's realistic to earn anywhere between €1 to €3 per hour simply by collecting bottles out of trash bins. Let that sink in for a moment.

Frank, what about referrals?
You have a point there! In fact if you simply cannot make good money without referrals. I have seen people who earn hundreds of dollars by having huge downlines in PTC websites. It really does pay well if you have hundreds of active referrals on tens of different sites.

But most people will never get there! Most people, myself included, work their ass off trying to recruit a handful of referrals only to realize none of them stay active for more than a week. And don't even get me started with rented referrals. Everyone knows these are all bots (trust me, I know the backend of a GPT site) and on a "sustainable website" the system is actually set up against you in the long term.

If you think you're earning good money with rented referrals, chances are you're wasting your time on a scam website that will shut down soon. A lot of the times these sites are nothing more than ponzi schemes living off new investors who rent referrals. And because there is a finite number of people on the planet, this model is not sustainable indefinitely.

In order to get referrals that work you need to build a network, generate traffic, reach out to people and keep socializing non-stop like a salesperson, lying every step of the way about how much money you're making and how even a monkey could do it.

And if you're good at this, you'd be way better off promoting affiliate products that earn hundreds of dollars per each successful sale. You wouldn't be looking up GPT websites in the first place. I think it's safe to say that you're not a successful salesperson. It's totally fine, neither am I.

The reason may not be the same for you, but for me the reason is I have terrible social anxiety. I'm awkward and introverted, I don't enjoy talking to people and sometimes I even have trouble going to the store just to get groceries. I feel like shit when I try to get people to sign up on a website or purchase something through my affiliate link because in order to do that successfully I need to first lie to them about something. Even if it's something really insignificant like a story I made up just to get them emotionally on the hook.

About CLIXToken
After realizing that the current state of Paid to Click sites was unacceptable, I thought to myself what I could do to change that.

Knowing that the root cause for most problems that arise in this niche has to do with lack of transparency and trust among GPT sites, I decided the best course of action was to develop a decentralized cryptocurrency specifically designed for Paid to Click websites. A cryptocurrency deployed on the powerful Ethereum blockchain where every single transaction is open to the public and anyone can verify whether a particular transaction has taken place or not.

If you are not yet convinced that blockchain technology will change everything for us in the future, check out the following video which explains in simple terms what a blockchain is and how it works. After watching the video try to imagine how me and my team are going to transform the Paid to Click industry.

CLIXToken benefits the PTC industry
The wide spread adoption of CLIXToken would make it very difficult for scam websites to operate. It would be impossible to fake payment proofs thanks to the transparent nature of CLIXToken. Everyone will know which address is owned by which website and in total there can only be a maximum of 200 million tokens in circulation so unlike site specific points, nobody can generate more CLIXToken than that.

Free for GPT owners
As a gesture of good faith, I created the Smart Contract in such a way that it will give 10,000 CLIXToken to every GPT website owner who will request it. No strings attached. Admins can later purchase more tokens from the same Smart Contract simply by sending it some Ether. Additionally I developed a plugin for EvolutionScript sites that will seamlessly integrate CLIXToken to almost any website. It's available on Github as you read this!

Generation process
New CLIXToken are only generated in one of two ways: either when a free batch of 10,000 tokens is requested or when n amount of tokens is bought in Ether. This will continue up until 200 million tokens are generated, at which point there will be no more new CLIXToken, ever.

A while ago I requested my own 10,000 tokens from the Smart Contract and you can take a look at my balance right here. This is now the official GPTOffers account so if you want to check the payouts I've made all you need to do is look at the public history.

Future plans
It is my hope that due to its limited supply and its transparent nature CLIXToken will be much more valuable than fiat currency in the future. Obviously I can't say that for sure, but in a way it makes sense. Don't you think?

However the development doesn't stop by simply launching a new token. Now that we have our own cryptocurrency, it's time to build a fully decentralized advertising platform that operates inside the Ethereum Virtual Machine with no central server or authority anywhere. A truly user friendly platform where admins are not raking up all the profit while at the same time pay out pennies to their users. Hell, with the help of Smart Contracts we could even eliminate the need for an "admin" in the first place!

I really need your help
But let's not get ahead of ourselves. These types of revolutionary things take time and developing such a platform is no easy feat. Therefore I kindly ask of you to join my website, earn some CLIXToken and send one or two to your friend in order to spread awareness. If you know a GPT site owner, ask them to consider implementing CLIXToken as a payment option. Together we can make a difference!

Learn more
If you're interested in learning more about the CLIXToken project, head over to to get up to date with the latest. Also make sure to read the whitepaper to really get a grasp over what me and my team have envisioned.

GPTOffers is a platform that brings together consumers and advertisers in a way that's beneficial to everyone involved!

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