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The many ways you can earn CLIXToken on our website

Started by GPTOffers 2018-07-28 at 18:02
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There are a lot of ways you can earn CLIXToken on our website so I thought it would be a good idea to have a full list of the different ways neatly laid out in one place.

Account balance

All transactions and balances on GPTOffers are displayed in USD for simplicity, however you can only withdraw your earnings in CLIXToken. The current rate is 1 CLIX = $1 USD.

1. All new members will instantly receive $2 USD signup bonus ($1 to account balance and $1 to purchase balance)

2. Earn 20% bonus on your referral's earnings

3. Earn 5% bonus when your referral buys advertising packages

4. Earn $0.0001+ per click in the View Advertisements section

5. Earn from $0.1 to $1 and more per offer in our Paid to Signup section

6. Earn up to $100 and more, per offer, in our PTCWall and AdworkMedia section

7. Try your luck in our Heads and Tails game for a chance to win 200% of your bet amount

Points system

The points earned on our website can be converted to purchase balance at a rate of 1 point = $1 USD. Points are useful if you are interested in buying advertising from us using your purchase balance and for the time being points cannot be converted to CLIXToken.

1. Earn 0.1 points per direct referral

2. Earn 0.1 points per PTC click

3. Earn 0.1 points per forum post

4. Earn 0.1 points per completed offer

Additional features

Because we are using a decentralized cryptocurrency, CLIXToken, all of our payouts can now be tracked in real time on Etherscan.

Members can transfer their earnings to other members (minimum transfer amount is $0,1)

Members are not forced to make X amount of clicks before they can redeem CLIXToken. In other words, if you don't like PTC ads and are looking to earn by completing offers & surveys, you are not required to do any PTC ads.

Renting and buying referrals is not enabled! We are looking for real and active users, not bots.

There is absolutely no limit on how many referrals a user can have. The more the merrier!

If a user doesn't log in for 30 days, their account will become inactive and our system will eventually delete the user completely. When this happens all of their earnings will be lost.
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