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GPTOffers becomes CLIXToken only site

Started by GPTOffers 2018-07-02 at 00:39
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Hello everyone!

It's the beginning of Q3 2018 and this means that the CLIXToken project is entering its final stages soon.

We have been working together with a Blockchain developer around the clock, testing our smart contract to make sure it works as intended. So far so good!

In the coming weeks we are going to release CLIXToken to the Ethereum MainNet which means it will be available to every GPT and PTC owner shortly. In case you didn't know we are going to give away 10,000 CLIXToken for free to every site owner (more info on how to apply:

The same principle works also for us. GPTOffers will also apply for the 10k tokens same as everyone and from then onwards our website will be making payouts exclusively in CLIXToken.

Our official Ethereum address is 0x3d538165d2a2e34ed10f7e4795fe0988fea8a202 and it holds 10,000 CLIXToken at the time of writing. From now on anyone can check the amount of CLIXToken we have paid out by following the transactions in Etherscan. It basically serves as our "payment proofs" page from now on.

We believe strongly in the project and hope other sites will see its potential soon enough.

Eventually we will release a full blown PTC service on the Ethereum blockchain but that will happen sometime around 2019. That's because we need the token to be circulating in meaningful volumes first.

Thanks and if you happen to have any questions about the project let me know!

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