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Bitcoin has been removed (for now)

Started by GPTOffers 2017-12-13 at 23:04
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Hello all,

This is a short notice that I have decided to remove Bitcoin as a payment system temporarily. The network is just under too much pressure due to the insane buying rally that has been going on lately and there are way too many unconfirmed transactions on the Blockchain.

For example I am still waiting a transaction to go through since the 6th of December and it has 0 confirmations as of today. Also the fees are just too high to make sense for a small PTC/GPT website as withdrawals are usually very small compared to other transactions on the network. The fees would be bigger than the amount itself!

And finally I have been busy with my day job currently so the website and its promotion has been postponed. You can of course promote it and gain a ton of referrals early on, but I can see how an inactive admin can sort of decrease morale overall. I apologize. I haven't gone anywhere and I check the site multiple times a day, but I just haven't had the time to make it super active.

I'm thinking on giving users a little money (0.001) per post in the future. So you'd get paid to post in the forums! I hope you think it's cool

Alright. I'm out for now.