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GPTOffers begins!

Started by GPTOffers 2017-12-10 at 00:43
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Hello everyone!

I am very excited to announce that today is the day I can officially say GPTOffers is ready to go!

I should probably introduce myself first... well, I don't really like to talk about myself that much because I'm an introvert, but my name is Frank Petser and I'm a 30 year old guy from Estonia. I like blogging and coding and I'm a tech junkie. I'm an INTP.

Some of you may already know me from the past because I have been around the GPT industry for more than 10 years. I like to think that I know what I'm doing... at least to a certain degree

Enough about me! Let's talk about GPTOffers!

About a week ago I purchased a LIFETIME licence for this website from EvolutionScript and since then I have been gradually building various parts of the site. For example the template is built by yours truly

I also purchased the AdWorkMedia Offer Wall plugin from EvolutionScript team, but they haven't really been much of a help in figuring out why it isn't working. I am 99% convinced that it's due to the Ioncube loader version being different on my server than what they used to encrypt their code with... and I can't change my version...

So naturally I have to build my own offer wall and postback system. That will take some time, I hope you don't mind! For now I have enabled PTC Wall which should keep our first members busy for the time being.

I Also just tried out the 1000 clicks on NeoBux for $9 and gained 4 new members. That's $2.25 per member and one of them is already banned for clicking the cheat link. Not good.

The next obvious step is to create a bunch of really great banners with high conversion rates. These should also help you in referring new people to your downline because referring people to GPTOffers is a very wise decision on your part

Get as many people as you can, the site is brand new!!!

You will earn 20% of your referral's earnings + 5% on the amount they spend on advertising. Also there is no upper limit for referrals. You can invite a million people and that would be A-OK!

Unlike many other GPT/PTC owners I have already made sure the ad prices are profitable for the website and our community as a whole. My goal is to create a sustainable website that I can be proud of and not something that will go bankrupt within a year.

To do this I really need YOUR help. Spread the word, get referrals and MAKE them purchase advertising. Because paying advertisers are the life blood of our website. Also people from the USA who can complete high paying PTSU offers. Don't forget to refer them.

Let's make some money together!

And now the bad news: I have to be honest with you, I can't afford instant payments or even daily payments. Not yet. The best I can do (FOR NOW) is process your payments once a month using the classical NET15 payment model.

Example: You earn the minimum $5 between 1-31 of January then I will process that payment on the 15th of February. The payday is on the 15th of each month but on that date you get paid your LAST month's commissions. Makes sense?

I know it sucks, but I can only change this when the site is older and doing better.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. (that reminds me, I should really work on the FAQ page).

I will make sure to keep you updated on what's going on. Until then...

Have a good one,