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Reason why GPTOffers has been so quiet

Started by GPTOffers 2018-04-01 at 12:56
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Hello everyone,

First of all I'd like to apologize for not working too hard on our website and I can totally understand how the fact that after 4 months we've only gained 3 members in total may put a lot of people off.

Well, I haven't died if that what you were thinking. I'm still here and I have been rather busy with a project that in my opinion is way more important than relaunching an old GPT website. Not that GPTOffers isn't important... uhh.. just hear me out, okay.

So what's my excuse?

As I previously hinted I have been working on a much bigger project. A project that I believe will reshape the entire ecosystem of Paid to Click websites! Excited yet?

Behold, the CLIX Token

A cryptocurrency for the Paid to Click industry.

One of the main reasons why GPTOffers was shut down back in 2011 was the downfall of Liberty Reserve which was a centralized platform that was holding the majority of our funds. The problem with centralized entities is that they can disappear suddenly leaving a lot of people empty handed.

All of this can be avoided by using a decentralized cryptocurrency.

However Bitcoin, the most popular one of them all, is very slow when it comes to transaction speeds. Not only that but the price of Bitcoin is too volatile (can rise/fall more than 3000 USD in 24 hours) for it be effectively used in an industry where every cent matters (ads paying out as little as $0,0001 etc).

This is where CLIX Token comes in.

We are going to hand out a bunch of CLIX Token for free to every PTC website owner who shows interest and leave it up to them to market to the rest of the community.

I encourage you to read through our entire website here:

As well as our official WhitePaper here:

I will gladly answer any questions you may have about the project.

We can discuss it right here in this thread!
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